CHARCUT Roast House co-chefs and co-owners John Jackson and Connie DeSousa went East to join  Taste Talks, a 2-day event showcasing "the culinary cutting edge for a food-obsessed generation through symposiums, workshops and discussions" to "America’s most stylish test kitchen: Brooklyn." 

Taste Talks hosted Cook It Raw Brooklyn, a collaboration in food hosted by Cook It Raw with chefs from across North America including Alessandro Porcelli (Cook it Raw), Roberto Solis (Nectar Restaurant; Merida, Mexico), Scott Vivian (Beast Restaurant; Toronto, Canada),  David Santos (Louro, NYC), Anthony Lombardo (1789, Washington DC)  and CHARCUT's Jackson and DeSousa. A resulting community dinner at the newly opened Fitzcarraldo in Bushwick's 3rd Ward was guided by collaboration as the chefs worked together to prepare an impromptu, outdoor meal using locally sourced ingredients and as little electricity as possible.

Food Arts Magazine reports:

"The most elaborate presentation, stuffed whole lamb and liver sausage, smoked heart kielbasa with house-made spice mix, fresh cheese with pork farmer sausage, and grilled bannock and butter, came from Connie DeSousa and John Jackson of Charcut Roast House, Calgary, Canada."