The Chicago Tribune's Josh Noel took a trip through Calgary and came away with a culinary take on the city that may surprise people who've taken a while to visit. CHARCUT took the lead and upped its cred with this positive review from one of America's most-read travel journalists and culinary trendspotters, Noel. He writes: 

"Among the reigning darlings of Calgary dining is ... Charcut which serves an ambitious menu of smart, modern comfort food. Its arugula and tuna conserva, served with shaved celery and lemon preserve, was tangy and bright, while the poutine was devilishly decadent. The steak cut, and preparation, changes regularly. And the pig's-head mortadella is the most complex and comforting cold cut imaginable. Throw in a clever cocktail list and sumptuous dessert menu, and you have a memorable evening. ."



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