On January 26, as many as 100 chefs from throughout the city and afield meet 100 food lovers at the Calgary Farmers’ Market for an unforgettable feast to benefit the Calgary Food Bank.

In the spirit of sharing and community caring, the chefs from throughout Calgary and beyond showcase their talents and break bread together and with 100 lucky ticket holders in a potluck party atmosphere from 7-9 pm.

Calling it the ultimate chefs’ collaboration, CHARpopLuck is equal measures potluck and pop-up restaurant fuelled by the CHARCUT crew and comrades who are devoted to bringing Calgarians together to celebrate creativity in the kitchen for the benefit of food lovers and those in need.

“Hibernation be damned,” says co-owner/co-chef John Jackson. “Get out and have a good time this January for a great cause with a crush of Calgary chefs devoted to their craft.” 

A complete list of participating chefs and restaurants will be posted soon. Tickets are available at www.charpop.com. By attending the event, you agree to secure a dedicated driver if you drink alcohol. Don't drink and drive.

Jackson and his business partner and co-chef, Connie DeSousa, conceived the CHARpopLuck notion as a way to further the CHARCUT spirit and one-up the CHARPOP temporary restaurant experience they staged last year with local baker Aviv Fried and visiting chef Grant Van Gameren.

The Calgary Farmers’ Market was chosen as the CHARpopLuck venue for its inherent draw for foodies and its rightful place in the hearts of the city's chefs. With tip of the toque to the work of Alberta's farmers and ranchers, a rural barn was selected as the (weather permitting) after-party venue for all chefs and ticket holders to let loose and burn off some energy into the wee hours.

"Belly dancers, Village Brewery brews, live music: we have all the makings of a signature Calgary good time in store," says DeSousa of the weather-permitting after-party plans at Panorama Ranch.

CHARpopLuck is set to become an annual event. The inaugural celebration is made possible by participating chefs and restaurateurs along with culinary and community leaders including the SHAW, Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance, POP Kollaborative, Village Brewery, McLEOD LAW, Panorama Ranch, Calgary Farmers’ Market, Groupe Germain and Immedia PR.

Calgary’s Best Chefs, Participating to Date 

Roy Oh of Anju
Uri Heilik and Rogelio Herrera of Alloy and Candela 
Kyle Groves of Catch 
John Michael Macneil of Cucina and Teatro 
Darren MacLean of Downtownfood 
Kai Salimaki of Double Zero Pizza 
Xavier Lacasse of Home 
David Flegel of the Hyatt Hotel 
Patricia Koyich of Il Sogno 
Kevin Kent of Knifewear 
Manuel Latruwe of Manuel Latruwe 
Eric Larcom of the Marriott Hotel 
Geoff Rogers and Dave Bohati of Market 
Melanie Lafleur of National 
Nicole Kammerer of Nicole Gourmet 
Justin Labossiere of NOtaBLE 
Bernard Callebaut of Papa Chocolat 
Paul Rogalski and Kenny Kaechele of Rouge 
Chef Mario of Pimentos 
Duncan Ly of Raw Bar
Ray Bear of Rush Restaurant 
Michael Allemeier, Desmond Johnson, Andrew Hewson, Andrew Springett and Hayato Okamitsu of SAIT 
Aviv Fried and Michal Lavi of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery 
Dustin Schafer of Sky 360 
Dan Clapson of Start from Scratch 
Shawn Greenwood of Taste 
Robert Jewell of Una 
Andrew Keen of Vintage Chophouse & Tavern 
Eric Giesbrecht of Meta4Foods 
Karine Moulin of Hotel Arts 
Paul McGreevy of Craft Beer Market
Grayson Sherman of Jelly Modern Doughnuts
Pierre Lamielle of Food on Your Shirt
Chris Dewling of Blink
Andrew Jones of BonVida Wines
Plus, from Edmonton 
Edgar Gutierrez and Chris Sills of Tres Carnales 
Blair Lebsack (new restaurant opening soon) 
And visiting Alberta 
Dale Mackay of Top Chef Canada Season One 

What Supporters Are Saying...

"Not being a partner in this event was not an option. It is stated on the first page of our business plan that we at POP Kollaborative will impact the communities within which we work one live experience at a time. What better way to benefit our community and the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank than through a pop-up experience with the city's best?"
KENNETH KRISTOFFERSEN, President & Creative Director of POP Kollaborative Inc. 
"Best way to gather people around community is by setting them a great table," says Jim Button of Village Brewery; "and that of course includes spectacular food, great beer and your friends and neighbours."


"We believe that if we can bring our clients and friends together to create opportunities for not only their benefit but also for the Community, then we have achieved something special, and something that distinguishes us from other Firms."


"Panorama Ranch is proud to be a partner of CHARpopLuck. Dedicated to re-connecting people to the country and good food."

MICHAEL G. KAUMEYER, Owner Panorama Ranch

"We‘re thrilled to host CHARpopLuck at the market. This is a one of a kind event that will showcase incredible local food from the capable hands of 100 talented chefs; all in support of the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. The Calgary Farmers’ Market was built to bring people together, support the local community and to celebrate local food, and that is what CHARpopLuck is all about."

AMANDA BONNER, Director of Marketing and Events at the Calgary Farmers’ Market

“The Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance is pleased to support the largest-ever chefs' collaboration in Alberta. CharPOPLuck is an example of what is possible when Alberta's great chefs collaborate with strong community partners like the Calgary Farmers' Market, local producers and our tourism industry. By all coming together, this unique event speaks to authenticity of Alberta's culinary experiences while supporting our communities' food systems and the Calgary Food Bank.”

DONALD HOUSE, Chair of the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance

"Immedia -- ever delighted to work with Calgary's most fired up chefs, restaurateurs and tourism mavericks -- is rightly proud to be associated with CHARpopLuck. Helping the Food Bank, calling national attention to the city's culinary scene and bringing people together over good food, this event ticks important boxes."