Cook It Raw brings the world's most influential and avant-garde chefs together annually to share thoughts about how world issues -- social and cultural to environmental -- relate to cuisine. 

Now, Cook it Raw is taking the dialogue online with the Raw Community on Tumblr at This real-time meeting place is about sharing resources and pushing the boundaries of contemporary cuisine by connecting and nurturing talent and collaboration. Its global community leaders include Calgary co-chefs and co-owners of CHARCUT Roast HouseJohn Jackson and Connie DeSousa, JP McMahon of Aniar in Galway Ireland, Matt Jennings of Farmstead in Rhode Island, USA and James Lowe of Young Turks. 

These chef leaders commit to start conversation -- in their circles and beyond -- about the profession and the Cook It Raw ethos of collaboration, creativity, tradition and the environment. 

The aim is to build a global collective of like-minded chefs, producers and academics. 

In time, a real-time resource will see participants sharing and finding inspiration, stories and contacts through an engaging interface while showcasing their work to the world. The community fosters the exchange, preservation and development of skills and knowledge, collaborative spirit, cultural exchange and understanding. While the annual Cook It Raw gathering will remain a small group of thought leaders that will guide and shape the larger discourse, Raw Community will allow a way to document and disseminate this shared knowledge to an international community year-round. Raw Community endeavors to celebrate individuals as champions in their own communities who share a common cooking philosophy, and who are committed to the Cook it Raw principles. 

Enter to Win

Through September 12, chefs are invited to post their profiles to the Raw Community site for a chance to win a trip to the Cook it Raw 2013 gathering in Charleston, South Carolina, to be featured in Food + Wine Magazine and participate in the Cook It Raw Charleston BBQ October 26 in partnership with Food Day 2013. 

About Cook It Raw

Founded by Alessandro Porcelli and launched in 2009, Cook It Raw ( is an annual gathering that brings together internationally recognized, avant-garde chefs, traditional food producers and academics to discuss and explore innovation and collaboration within cuisine. Now in its sixth year, the gathering provides an arena for true exchange and encourages innovation on the plate, while at the same time addressing environmental, social, and cultural issues. By sparking new personal and creative connections, Cook It Raw not only helps to highlight traditional foodways, but influences the ideas and techniques of some of the most innovative chefs in the world, and in doing so advances the very future of cuisine. Follow Cook It Raw on Tumblr ( Twitter@cookitraw and look for updates on their Facebook page.



For more information about Cook It Raw, to arrange an interview with founder and director Alessandro Porcelli, or with one of the Raw Community Leaders, please contact