We spoke with Meghan Cole of the Canadian Press recently about cooking at home -- with gas. Here are some excerpts from the story that appeared in the Calgary Herald.

“People are becoming better cooks because of the food networks,” says John Jackson, co-owner and co-chef of Calgary’s Charcut Roast House. “Cooking is fun and trendy. Homeowners are learning about different ingredients and are trying different things. The more homeowners expand their culinary interests, the more need they have for similar setups as a professional kitchen.”

As a chef, picking a stovetop and oven for his home was as important as choosing one for work.

Jackson says because he was trained to cook with a gas cooktop, and is used to using it, he wanted to have a gas stove at home.

“I’m a chef so obviously I have a particular preference,” he says. “Basically I have cooking with gas worked out to a science, and I didn’t want to adapt to another form of cooking.”

Jackson says the reason he prefers gas is that it provides instant heat, and the cook is able to see how high the heat is because of the flame.